What is Construction 3D printing?
Construction 3D printing is a method for manufacturing construction elements and entire buildings layer-by-layer by means of a 3D printer with concrete, geopolymers and other construction material. Construction 3D printing gives design freedom to architects and engineers to experiment with unique structures for novel construction. The advantages of additive manufacturing being frugality, agile supply chains, optimal resource utilization and decentralized manufacturing are brought to the construction Industry
The Concrete 3D Printer
Simpliforge's Construction 3D printer, being India's first and South Asia's largest robotic construction 3D printer is set to address the unique housing needs of India, right from aesthetic structures to remote constructions as well. The 3D printer is capable of printing landscaping elements, furniture, statues, wall facade as well as full scale houses
Aligning with its stringent commitment towards sustainability, Simpliforge has developed its own 3D printable construction material to reduce the usage of cement based materials. Coupled with proprietary software and material, Simpliforge positions itself as a major contributing stakeholder in the 3D printed construction domain globally.
Milestones Achieved
Barbeque Pit
With Burugupally lake and Komati Cheruvu encircling the Charvitha, inspiration was drawn from the most vital element - 'Water'
Sun Bench
Placed across the vast 357+ plots of Charvitha Meadows are Simpliforge Creations designed benches that take inspiration from the Sun.
Ganesha Temple
As a unique construction company, when Ganpati festival was to be celebrated Simpliforge and Apsuja team imparted construction philosophies to the temple.

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